As always, I have so many to thank for helping my publishing dreams come true! Special thanks to:

Cynthia Hickey, C. Micki Hayden, Katherine Pettus, Anthony Horvath, Rebecca Hope, and Bruce Baney, who were of tremendous help to me.

My friends, Brenda, Sarah, Lowell, Wendey, Patti, Sue, Vickey, Cheryl, Mike, Ellie, Beth, Tina, Kristin, and Linda, all who were forced to read my work, and encouraged me in spite of it.

My dear friend, Lindsay, who not only read the books, but appears on the cover, and one of my youngest, dearest friends, Briella, for portraying the baby boy-remember, you were only acting!

My wonderful sons, Brian and Anderson, Mariah, my sister, Jalane, my favorite niece, Stacy (who always makes me call her that), and of course, Clementine…you all have been there for me!

My best friend, Jesus Christ.

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