a string of dreams

     Katharina shelters her Jewish friend, Elise, with her newborn at her home in Berlin the night of Kristallnacht. The Nazi SS burst into Katharina’s home, seizing Elise, mistakenly taking Katharina’s baby along with her. 

     Left behind, Katharina finds her world completely shattered.  She watches as Elise's baby raises his tiny hands to her face, as if to wipe away her tears. And that is when she notices—he is tightly clasping his mother’s pearls.

     In the sequel, Katharina and Elise travel individual paths through WWII. Each suffer tremendous losses, including separation from their infants, death of family, and emigration from their homeland. It is their love, friendship, and faith that navigate their life trajectories until finally, the Bahraini pearl necklace becomes the catalyst to their happy reunion in NYC seven years later.

The Bahraini Pearls won 1st place in the 2017 Rudy RWA contest, 3rd place in the 2016 Ignite The Flame RWA contest, 1st place in the 2017 Hook, Line, and Sinker RWA contest, and 3rd place in the 2017 Hearts Through History RWA contest. The books also received Honorable Mention in the 2017 Athanatos Christian Ministries novel contest.



       A STRAND

          OF HOPE